Ministry Plan

New Covenant Baptist Church

People of Christ – Message of Hope

3 Year Ministry Plan

For the Triennial Period: 2017 – 2019

Who We Are

 New Covenant Baptist Church is a multi-generational church family united through sound Biblical teaching, Christ centered worship, Godly living, loving community service, intentional gospel proclamation, and the making of disciples. Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him.” Psalm 62:5

Overall Strategies

 The strategic thrust of New Covenant Baptist Church can be summarized under four (4) strategic headings.  We as a local body of Christ exist to:

Reach, Teach, Worship, and Serve.

To REACH involves the seeking of lost souls and inviting them to a new life in Christ through the proclamation of the gospel.

To TEACH is to follow the command of our Savior Jesus Christ to “teach them to observe all things that He commanded” (Matthew 28:20) which is to make disciples of Christ.  We desire to see people converted to Christ, follow the command to be baptized in water, and to become a life-long follower of Christ.

To WORSHIP is hold as a high priority the gathering of the church together for weekly worship services, prayer meetings, and small groups.  We build our worship on the bible.  Therefore, we see the priority be given to the reading and preaching of the word, prayer offered through Christ to our Heavenly Father, congregational singing of hymns and spiritual songs, and the giving of our financial resources to the glory of God.

To SERVE is to lead people to a life of gospel service, in the church, in their home, in their workplace, in their community, and as the Lord directs, even to the sending forth of missionaries into the global fields of harvest.

Everything in this plan is designed to be a church that is identified by the following qualities.

  1. Members of NCBC are making God’s kingdom known, giving the hope of Christ to everyone they meet, and leading people to Christ.
  2. Each member is continually growing in grace and in their relationship with Christ and their commitment to Him and living a life that is transformed by Christ.
  3. Each member is fully committed to serve to meet needs within the church, our community and the world.
  4. Each member regularly worships God individually and collectively.
  5. The New Covenant community is unified and supports each other in every way.
  6. That we exhibit a biblical model of stewardship as seen in giving of our financial gifts to the church and of our time in service through the auspices of the church.
  7. God is glorified in everything we do.


Particular Strategies

 Geographic focus

NCBC reaches people from North Berwick and adjacent communities. However, its community outreach activities will be targeted for North Berwick since that is where the church is located. Ministry opportunities that develop in the middle and high schools will include people from Berwick as well as Lebanon. Other community outreach activities may attract people from outside of North Berwick and that is good, but the events and activities will be designed primarily to attract and serve people from North Berwick.

Location of community outreach events

Events that are intended to reach people in the community will, to the maximum extent possible, be held in locations in the community that are convenient to the targeted attendees instead of at NCBC facilities.


NCBC will use its resources to reach people for Christ in our community and make it available for SBC entities and serve as valuable resource in the Southern Maine area. We will not in the three-year planning cycle undertake any additions to the building.  Space in our facility will be assessed and renovated as necessary to serve the needs of our 3-year plan.

Where off-site locations for outreach cannot be identified, or acquired, the church facilities will be utilized and adapted to meet the needs of gospel ministry.

Balance of focus on members and the community

NCBC will seek to balance its ministries and activities to serve members and those ministries and activities that serve non-members, with neither one taking priority over the other.

Church planting

NCBC will not, in this three year planning cycle, initiate activities to plant another church, but will work with the North American Mission Board and the Maine Church Planting Catalyst as needed to encourage church planting in areas where needed.


Sunday Bible study for adults will be the primary focus for discipleship efforts for adults. Small groups at other times will be utilized to supplement Sunday Bible study.  Sunday School for children from birth through high school will be the primary teaching arm of the church for those ages.  All adults and teens will be encouraged to participate in ministry/service opportunities through the church as a way to help them to grow spiritually.


NCBC will continually seek to strengthen current partnerships as well as develop new partnerships as the Lord leads.  We will endeavor to work a closely as we can with First Baptist Church, North Berwick to advance the kingdom cause in our community.

Tactics and objectives

In this section, for each year of the three year plan, specific plans for activities, events and tactics are given, along with the time for each to be accomplished and the objective to be achieved.


  1. Visitor follow up

NCBC has a very welcoming environment but needs better follow up with visitors.  All members will be encouraged to proactively greet and talk to visitors. A structured way to contact visitors will be started in early 2017.  The method of collecting information from visitors will be enhanced to increase the likelihood of their giving their information.  On a rotating basis, one or more members will be responsible for contacting visitors within one day of their first visit.  As a visitor comes multiple times, an elder or other church leader will contact them to discuss church membership.  If a visitor who has come multiple times stops coming, they will be contacted to invite them back.  A new church brochure will be developed to inform visitors about NCBC.

         2. Renovate the space once occupied by the Food Pantry

The congregation has identified that a multi-use/fellowship area be created in the old space.  The space will be renovated to make it an inviting and convivial place for meetings, fellowships, and other gatherings.  Trustees will develop a renovation plan including a budget.  Volunteers from the church and other ministry partners will be identified and assigned to complete the renovation.   Work will commence by May of 2017 with a targeted completion by October 2017.


  1. Christian Education and Discipleship

We will create a clear discipleship path for new believers, new members, and understood by current members.

The Sunday Morning Christian education hour will be the primary means for biblical instruction of both children and adults.  Sunday School for children from birth through high school will focus on age appropriate Bible learning and activities.  Adult Bible Study will include time for fellowship and prayer but the primary focus and the majority of the time will be for direct Bible study and teaching.  Two classes will be offered.  The adult options will include different Bible study approaches and different curricula to appeal to different levels of current Bible knowledge and student preferences.  A third class offering another option will be offered by fall 2017.   Members will be encouraged to invite un-churched individuals to come.  New volunteers will be recruited to teach Sunday School and Sunday bible study to accommodate the growth.

All leadership will be trained on how to teach the Bible and how to administer Sunday School and Sunday Bible study.  The objective is that by the end of 2017 there will be 40 children attending Sunday School and 40 adults attending Sunday morning Bible study.

As a complement to Sunday Bible study, small groups for men and women will continue so as to offer further times for bible study and small group engagement.  These will meet at various times and in various locations as desired by the participants.


  1. Middle School and High School Bible clubs

Bible clubs will be started in Noble Middle School and/or Noble High School by September 2017.  These clubs will meet on a weekly basis. Students who are believers in each school will be identified and invited to help create the clubs and play a leadership role in them. Ministry partners such as CEF/FCA/Young Life will be leveraged to solidify the club.


  1. Internal communication

A simplified process for planning, scheduling, and ministry communication will be implemented by April 2017. One primary contact for planning and scheduling will be identified.  All ministries and ministry leaders will share their scheduling plans with the primary contact so as to minimizes overscheduling.  In addition to the events being posted in the bulletin, a monthly calendar will be created and made available in print and on the church’s website.   Monthly financial statements will be printed and made available. Social media will be utilized to promote events and garner increased attendance.


  1. Event Planning

A task team will develop an annual calendar of outreach events with the intended purpose of connecting with the people in the community and build the body of Christ.  These events will be designed to connect with non-believers moving them to the next step in making a commitment to Jesus Christ.  Planning and executing these events will be a place where members can grow their ministry skills.


  1. Fellowship

To enhance the fellowship and unity of the body, regular times of gathering for recreation or meals or seasonal activities will be identified, scheduled, and executed.  The purpose is the strengthen relationships and camaraderie.  These will include a structured approach for dining groups with rotating participants as a way to help members develop new relationships with each other.  Members will be encouraged to serve together as a way to build relationships.  Members will be encouraged to invite guests as a way to connect people with Christ followers.


  1. Retaining young adults

In the fall of 2019, a process to better retain young adults will be implemented.  This can include a specific group for them to meet for fellowship, conversation and fun.  High school students and recent graduates will be more integrated into the life of the church.  Specific activities to attract recent high school graduates and college students will be created.


  1. Vacation Bible School

Continued from prior 3-year plan: Working in partnership with First Baptist Church, a Vacation Bible School will be held in June.  There will be a structured follow up process with the children and their families to encourage ongoing involvement with one of the churches.  The objective is for 120 children from the community to attend and for contacts to be made with 50 families.




  1. Community Coffee House

A monthly community coffee house will begin in the winter of 2018.  The purpose is to create an environment for un-churched people to come so that members of NCBC can develop relationships with them.  A location outside the church building will be sought after.  If one is not identified the renovated space downstairs will be utilized.  Music, theatre, and other creative arts will be employed to attract people.  A simplified way to collect visitor information (i.e. guestbook) will be developed so contact about future events can be made.


  1. Community Bible studies

Bible studies will be started in the community in the common areas of three community living centers.  Four or five people from NCBC will commit to be part of each study to be the core. This is being done to reach people in the community, not as a Bible study for members of NCBC.  The first will be planned and started in Q4 of 2017.  The second by Q2 2018. Each study group will endeavor to reach at least five other people by the end of the year.


  1. External communications

By the summer of 2018, an external communications plan will be developed and executed.  It will include advertising in social media, radio, and placements on the community bulletin board.  A brochure will be developed that could be placed in many venues for people to pick up to learn about NCBC.


  1. New member assimilation

In early 2018, a structured process will be developed and implemented to help new members become fully involved in the life of the church.  This will build on the current process in which Elders meet with new members.  There will be a new members class that will cover the basics of the faith and all aspects of NCBC.


  1. Vacation Bible School

Ongoing from prior 3-year plan: Working in partnership with First Baptist Church, a Vacation Bible School will be held in June.  There will be a structured follow up process with the children and their families to encourage ongoing involvement with one of the churches.  The objective is for 120 children from the community to attend and for contacts to be made with 50 families.





  1. Neighborhood block party

In the spring of 2019, a block party event will be held in a park to give an opportunity for un-churched people to come to a fun environment where relationships can begin.  The event will have a variety of activities to attract people of all family situations.  There will be some way such as door prizes to get information about attendees.  There will be a structured follow up process to contact attendees.


  1. Accountability and mentoring

By the fall of 2019, a process for mentoring young adults will be created.   Using volunteer mentors, connections will be made with younger adults to develop relationships.  There must be some natural affinity and trust must be developed.  One person will be designated to make the connections between potential mentors and young adults.  These relationships will be gender specific or between couples.  The mentoring relationships will become accountability relationships with accountability in both directions.


  1. Sports Outreach

In the spring summer of 2019, some type of sports related seasonal and ongoing ministry will be held at the community center to attract un-churched people to a non-threatening environment. This will be some sort of competition, such as people forming groups to compete.  For example it could be a three-on-three basketball competition.  There will be a way to gather information on all attendees and there will be follow up with them.


  1. Vacation Bible School

Ongoing from prior 3-year plan: Working in partnership with First Baptist Church, a Vacation Bible School will be held in June.  There will be a structured follow up process with the children and their families to encourage ongoing involvement with one of the churches.  The objective is for 120 children from the community to attend and for contacts to be made with 50 families.



There will be continuous measurements to know whether the plans are having the desired results.  These measures will be prominently communicated to all church members.  Following are the measurements to be tracked.


  • The number of children attending Sunday School
  • The number of adults attending Sunday Bible study
  • The number of people of all ages attending worship
  • The number of people who accept Christ
  • The number of baptisms.
  • The percent of members who are serving in a meaningful way
  • Total monetary giving
  • The number of high school graduates who remain as Christ followers
  • The number of specific connections made at community events
  • The number of members serving in the community
  • The number of new members of localized Bible study group.


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